Boob jobs

So boob jobs. The first place you lose weight is in your chest.. Whether you’re male or female. Good thing about being a boy is losing your ‘moobs’
Bad thing about being a chick, is you lose you beautiful tits!

I fell off the wagon, I know – already-, about 2 weeks ago. Shortly after my Father’s Day post, and I’ve been kicking myself since. I weighed 100kg flat. Not 99.9kg, or even 100.1 kg… 100kg flat… I was PISSED!! Winced then I’ve come down to 98.4 and I’m feeling ok. I have cut my sugar significantly and even downloaded David Gillespie’s ‘Sweet Poison’ app. AMAZING RECIPES!!!!
If you don’t want to buy the app, buy the book. He’s incredible.

Anyway.. So, I keep realizing the first place I’ll lose weight is my boobs, and to be honest, I like them the way they are ATM. They’re pretty awesome if I say so myself. They’re not too big as to touch in the middle, but they’re not too small as to find it hard to fill a ‘B’ cup.. I like them..

A few of my friends are looking at boob jobs and its going to cost them $10k to get them ‘where they belong’… They haven’t even had kids!!! Oh to be them sideways! But then I wouldn’t have my amazing kids… The reason for my nice rack…

It will take me around 100 weeks to raise the money for my boobs.. That with a, soon to be, mortgage… It may take longer!

Long live weight loss.. R.I.P a nice rack…

- K

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to my awesome Dad, Gravel, My loving husband G and my great father in law, Owen. You three men make it easier to have boys. Two of you may be high maintenance, I’ll let you guess who, but you are amazing men and I am very grateful for having you in my life. I am especially grateful to have you as brilliant role model’s for my boys.

I have a father who has worked since he was extremely young, up until he was medically retired around 10 years ago, to the father of my boys, who delivers milk,…. I mean who works his arse off almost 24/7 *he types in his sleep*.. not forgetting a man who still works his arse off, even on some weekends, to keep young at heart. What more can a mother ask of the men in her kid’s lives?!

Then you have the other men in their lives. Out best mates MK and BMo who can work 1 week at home then a week away, and still have time for their families. This shows my boys, no matter what you do, you can love, and spend quality time with your Dad/kids. With these men in their lives, they’re going to grow up to be pretty good blokes.

As far as I’ve known, I’ve always been surrounded by men that work their butts off. Dad use to take me with him to the car repair shops.. The smell of the spray paint and burning metal was always a favourite.. I think this was the only reason I went with him. I had no interest in the old men fixing the cars, but I could stand and smell the car’s being painted and cut in half all day….. Then there’s my brother in law.. He met my sister wile on a cruise down the Brisbane river. I heard stories of my sister being shot with a rubber bullet and my brother in law catching her as she fell.. so romantic.. This man works hard.. VERY hard. He’s been driving trucks up and down QLD since I can remember, and he still has time for his family.. My gorgeous niece and 3 nephews.. My Sister being the backbone of the family during the hard times and the good times.. If I grow up, I wanna be just like her… PS, more about Leigh coming soon…. *nods*

So, Dads out there, I hope you had an amazing day. For those that don’t get to see their kids as often as you want, remember, your kids love you. No child can ever not love their dad. Nature won’t let it.

Thanks for being awesome men Gareth, Allan, Owen, Grant, Mark and Ben. Keep that shit up


- K

(weigh in tomoz – results on the side of the page)

Stalkbook.. exit stage right…..

Well, I gave up stalkbook 2 weeks ago. It’s hard to give up something when it’s the first thing you do when you wake up, and the last thing you do before you go to bed. Yeah I know, it’s pretty sad. Most of the time I was refreshing the page, thinking to myself, someone MUST have posted. Why is no one posting.. it’s like 3am… ooooh.. now I know.

I find since deactivating my account, I don’t drink as much during the week. Maybe it was my excuse to ‘play up’ online. I mean to say, act like a 2yo and make people smile. I’m not as funny sober, trust me, I tried it. I ensured I was drinking low carb, ‘healthy’, cider. It was 1 WW point! How can it be bad for me……………? How can something that makes you feel SO good, be unhealthy?!

Anywho, I decided, after my ‘fat’ work pants popped a seam, I should weight myself. I’ve been a little scared to do so in recent times. I have always been told by my friends,
‘It doesn’t matter about your weight.’
‘It’s just a number.’
‘You should always go by how your clothes feel.’
‘You’re gorgeous the way you are’
I love my friends with all my heart, and I KNOW they’re incredibly supportive and love me in return. There comes a point when you have to grow up and make decisions yourself. Never will I forget their advice, nor will I ignore it.

Yeah I feel fat, but I don’t want to know HOW fat I am. Do I!? Apparently I do. With a groan, I step onto the tear creating box. The number go up.. and up.. and up.. How can there be such a high number on my tear box?! I’m sure it got it’s 9′s and 6′s mixed up.. I can’t honestly be that… I hop off and try it again.. because the first lot of tears weren’t enough to discourage me from making it official… There it was.. In all it’s glory….. 99.6 kgs or 219 lbs 9oz. Yes I am NOT rounding it up.. hells no!

I can do this. I have an amazing thinspiration in my sister. Starting at 117 kgs she’s lost an INCREDIBLE 27.4 kgs from April this year. Leigh weighed in at 89.6 kgs in her most recent weigh in. See.. Thinspiration. I’ll see if she’ll let me post pictures of her progress..

Anyway.. I started last Monday, I continue my weekly weigh in tomorrow.

- Kathie